About Us

CV. Semprong Sakti Utama is an independently owned national company that was established in 1994 in Jakarta, specialized in providing marine-related products and equipments.

We are fully dedicated to the development of marine safety system in Indonesian waterway by always providing a better installation as well as implementation of the best quality marine products, such as buoy systems and marine lanterns. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 17,500 islands. Around 5% of Indonesia area consists of water, therefore aids to navigation is very crucial as sea transportation is one of the main transportation methods in Indonesia.

Team Support

CV. Semprong Sakti Utama is supported by talented professionals and managerial teams who have been involved in the marine navigation business for more than 20 years

We are very confident to offer the best
contribution in delivering a world class standard marine aids to navigation products in order to fulfill any needs and requirements of Indonesian waterways as well as other industrial organizations involved in marine navigation system in Indonesia.
We aim to establish an excellent marine safety in Indonesia through the supply and realization of the aids to navigation products that are recommended and approved by IALA.