2 NM Marine Beacon

1-2NM @ 0.74T

This is a high capacity marine beacon designed to provide 2 NM performance.  It is available in stand-alone or self-contained configurations.

The self-contained unit can be supplied with a single 9Ah battery for standard applications or 2 9Ah batteries for extended autonomy or high latitude applications.

The beacon is available in 5 colours: red, green, white, yellow and blue. All colours meet the IALA chromaticity requirements.

There are two ways to programme this beacon:

  • Using the TVIR programmer (Remote-02). This allows the beacon to be programmed one feature at a time. Settings are confirmed by flashing the programming code back to the user.
  • Using a computer and the IRDA interface (Prog-01). This allows all the settings to be displayed on a screen and downloaded or retrieved in a single action.
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